About Us


One night Karl and Kevin were in need of a whiskey flavored libation, but their usual spots all had inferior specials and they knew it was a waste to go there. In search of new accommodations with just a few coins in their pockets they took to the internet and found a lot of disappointment. Not one place had a comprehensive list, and no one even looked half way professional. This was a few years ago and now when we look to the world of apps we find a few offerings in “drink special locators” but still a bunch of disappointment. So after a second look at this problem we’ve decided to become the solution.

Introducing Speak Easy Specials a drink specials app that aims to use the technologies we all hold in our hands to make the most exhaustive drink special list around. Users will be able to browse the sponsored “Official” specials posted by venues and entertainers that have partnered with Speak Easy Specials, but the magic happens when users start posting “Rumor” specials and we’re able to bring together the first truly comprehensive drink special list. We don’t aim to just host drink specials however; we are going to offer 3 tabs of fun to browse through with Drink, Food, and Entertainment specials.

We brought on Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr as lead programmer to do all the coordination and heavy lifting, and then we contracted Baseline Creative a proven app creator to complete our development team. To help us reach our funding goals we’ve brought on Brian D. Evans an expert on online media and marketing. As an added bonus 2 of our team members have run successful Kickstarters, so we don’t plan to stop until we’ve brought the drinks to the people!

three beef tacos with cheese, lettuce and tomatos