Speak Easy Specials is a mobile app that will allow users to post and search drinks specials. We aim to create the most exhaustive drink specials list to help you find the right drink on the right night. We figure it’s about time we can stop asking “what is there to do tonight?” and start enjoying what’s out there. So help us get started so you can Speak Easy Tonight.

We’re putting together the best drink list ever but we’ll need your help! Not once but twice.

Kickstarter has proven to be a real avenue for entrepreneurs to get a business up and running, and together we could use it to fund the last nightlife app you’ll ever need. We started as customers so first and foremost we’re making an app for the drinker, to bring the drinks to the people! So we thought what better place to finish our funding push to mobile than Kickstarter? Our production costs to get up and running are about $20,000.

Our funding breakdown is projected to be:

  • 45% for programing and development
  • 13% for rewards fulfillment
  • 15% for advertising the app (post kickstarter)
  • 12% for servers
  • 5% for app market fees
  • And finally Kickstarter’s 10% cut

After our Kickstarter campaign we’ll be able to work on getting the app put out in the next couple of months! Then we need to market it so that people know we’re here! We’re aiming to keep all our costs down and any amount we can save in another area outlined above will put into both advertising the app and further development of the features because we have a lot in store for you! So please help us spread the word or donate to help us reach our Kickstarter goal!

Also, look for us on Thunderclap!