Safety First and then Teamwork

The hops, and yeasts, and malts were dancing in the air when I paid a visit to Central Standard Brewery while they were hard at work (but not open) the other afternoon.  I was there to get the scoop on a couple of upcoming collaboration beers they cooked up with some friends of theirs.  These beers will both be available for this month’s Kansas Craft Beer Week.


First Central Standard teamed up with Defiance Brewing Co. in Hays, KS on a 100% Brett IPA called Oat’s N Bro’s.  It’s smooth, hoppy, and delicious.  I was lucky enough get a couple pints of this in me a couple of weeks ago, but don’t worry if you haven’t been by CSB to check it out you’ll get a chance at the upcoming Kansas Craft Beer Week starting on April 18th.  Edit: I was also informed by Defiance that it is available now in their Taproom! so go on over and get a pull!


Another collab that is in the tanks that I am excited about will also be showcased at the Kansas Craft Beer Week and that is Johnny Cashmere. It is the product of a road trip out to Colorado by the Central Standard Brew team who visited non-other than ODell Brewing Co. who makes one of my favorite beers Myrcenary.   Johnny Cashmere is going to be a Belgium style table beer and I am looking forward to trying this one!


When I asked about where these collabs came from they are both rooted in mutual interest in each other’s breweries and the beers within. Defiance was just a natural fit being another local brewery but the story on the Odell collab is interesting.  One of the brewers for Odell was in town doing a release when he stopped by CSB to take a load off afterwards, he was so impressed with the beer they almost immediately started looking for a date to fit it all together.


Where can you get your hands on these brews? Both of these beers as I mentioned earlier will be showcased at the Kansas Craft Beer Week starting April 18th and ending on the 24th. As I write this not a lot of the details have been released about locations and goings on of the Craft Beer Week but it’s sure to please the Craft Beer crowd that is growing up around town.  You can however stay abreast of the situation over on the Kansas Craft Beer Week’s Facebook page.


Edit:  This just in The lineup has been announced!

Monday April 18th
– The Anchor
– Lucky’s Everyday

-Fork and Fennel
-Restaurant Twelve Beer Dinner with W.B.C.

-Firkin Fest at Rivercity Brewing Co.
-The Hill

-The Public
-Morts Cigar Bar
-The Monarch

-Fox and Hound

-Bricktown East & West

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